Performanocused Marce Fketing
There is a famous marketing quote stating half of all advertising is wasted; advertisers just do not know which half. We think new technology and proven online business models make this quote obsolete.

Exploding Ads was formed with the goal of combining technology with experience to drive true performance based marketing. We match the ideal target with the right message through the best medium to achieve the desired metrics for our partners. Our singular focus is to develop performance driven, risk free strategies that work for both companies and their customers.


20 Years of Online Marketing Expertise
Exploding Ads has a combined 20 years of online marketing experience. We experienced the first internet business models and the rise of the search engines. Our experience, relationships, and insights are put to work to help you meet your business objectives.

Our founders have extensive experience at leading online and traditional companies, such as Yahoo, Overture,,, Progrexion, the Houston Chronicle, and Penn State. We thoroughly understand what it takes to create profitable strategies for you and your company in the online market space.



What We Do
Exploding Ads employs a performance-based method of achieving enduring profitability for both advertisers and affiliates. We do this through a combination of online strategy development and our extensive relationships. In short, we align the interests of the two, considerably benefiting both parties.

Getting Started as an Affiliate
The process for becoming an affiliate with Exploding Ads is quick and easy. If you're currently an affiliate or entrepreneur interesting in marketing one of our advertisers, sign up to become an affiliate.


Getting Started as an Advertiser
Advertisers interested in a performance marketing relationship can contact us via e-mail or phone at Exploding Ads’s headquarters.

(800) 381-9544 x8

800 P St.
Lincoln, Nebraska


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